Traveling Tips When Cruising from Cambodia to Vietnam

The nations in Southeast Asia are loaded with society and also record that makes them prominent vacationer locations for adventure seekers. Among the most frequented destinations amongst visitors as of late are Cambodia as well as Vietnam. In fact, the majority of visitors that travel to these countries do so by means of a multi-country trip. Traveling from Cambodia to Vietnam is fairly easy as these nations share boundaries. On the other hand, there are likewise practical travel choices offered if you intend to go to an additional nation without the have to reserve an expensive trip.


Among the best means to travel is to cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam. The typical travel time to get from Cambodia to Vietnam by boat is roughly 4 to 5 hrs. Hence, travelers choose this sort of traveling due to the fact that the travel is rather an experience by itself. You could also see many sights along the way; as a matter of fact, travelers take place a river cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam primarily to take pleasure in these views and also quits.

Making your travel by cruise a lot simpler and efficient, below are some general traveling tips that you have to bear in mind:

Visa Demands

Traveler visas are needed (for vacationers from the US) in order to gain entry to both Cambodia and Vietnam. You can acquire the Vietnamese visa prior to your traveling while the Cambodian visa could be organized by the time of your arrival. Make certain to present your passport dimension pictures and also a $25 fee per person. This fee will certainly be collected upon your arrival. The traveling authority in Cambodia also requires you to contend the very least 3 web pages readily available on your ticket to avoid issues throughout travel, especially when crossing the border.

Customs as well as Charge

If you are bringing cash that is valued at greater than $10,000, you should proclaim it to the customs form after arrival in Cambodia and also Vietnam. You must additionally declare any kind of precious jewelry or metals, cams, radios and other devices after arrival in Vietnam, specifically when you are bringing those products back. These items will be examined upon departure and this is a way to confirm that you have possession to those products. A vital tip to keep in mind: you are not allowed to bring Vietnamese Dong when you leave the country!

Travel Files

Constantly examine your traveling documents such as tickets and also visas prior to travel via river cruise ship. Cambodia could have different entrance demands from Vietnam. Hence, you have to check the traveling needs for every country making it easy when crossing the border. Check out Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong

Petty Crimes

When you travel from Cambodia to Vietnam, you will not fret about significant safety issues. Both nations are known for their hospitality and warm people. However, you will never let your guard down, particularly when discovering tourist-dense areas. Petty crimes such as theft as well as pick-pocketing still exist.

Every river cruise ship experience is one-of-a-kind. Nonetheless, it will be among one of the most interesting methods to see the country that numerous have actually checked out. Taking a various course than the standard type of traveling will likewise allow you experience a side to a country that you never knew existed.

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