Tips for Achieving Best Results for Routine Change of Engine Oil

Each time you change the oil in your car, it will remain useful for a certain period of time before it gets exhausted. The frequency of oil change depends on the nature of a vehicle’s use and the distance covered each day. For instance, a commercial vehicle that travels hundreds of miles per day will require more frequent oil change than a personal car that is used to drive to the workplace a few miles away.

Automobile manufacturers generally recommend distances of between 3,000 and 7,500 miles as the maximum intervals for changing oil. Your mechanic or appointed garage will always recommend a particular mileage limit depending on the quantity and quality of the oil that you purchase.

The Basics of Changing Engine Oil

Tips for oil change or consejos para cambio de aceite always serve as instrumental guidelines for fixing you car whenever the service date becomes due. All you need to do is to follow a prescribed schedule to ensure that you change the oil in your car the moment you hit the maximum mileage. Since a garage attendant may note for you the due mileage for the next oil change, on a card that motorists prefer hanging close to the steering wheel on either the wiper or turning signal stick, all you need to do is to keep counterchecking the card against the mileage reading on the odometer.

When it comes to the actual oil change, it is recommended to go for a quantity that will fill the oil tank. For example, 5 liter jerry would be more appropriate to stretch the maximum mileage limits for a 1500CC car as opposed to a 3-liter jerry can.

Brand Name versus Oil Product Quality

Motorists’ preferences for particular brands of oil depend on their budgets and past experiences. For example, whereas some motorists would prefer an oil brand that is marketed by their favorite gas station, there are others that will be more concerned by the prices of the oils on offer regardless of the brand. Whichever the case, there is always enough for everyone because different oil marketers stock varieties of engine oil brands that have varying prices relative to functional attributes, viscosity and scope of additives.

However, there are no inferior brands because oils that have passed quality checks have the requisite functionality attributes for protecting your engine. The costlier engine oil varieties are simply more advanced in terms of viscosity and formulation.

Requisite Automobile Service Procedures

Change of oil is a servicing procedure that cannot be complete without changing the oil filter and air filter. When the oil gets exhausted, the oil filter gets battered as well. Changing your oil without replacing the oil filter is as good as the proverbial “new wine in old wineskin”. You must change oil filter because it has already accumulated significant sludge and impurities filtered from the previous oil.

If you are a first-time car owner, always seek for tips for oil filter change from your mechanic. There are all manner of oil filters out there, some of which are counterfeit or improvised, yet when it comes to automobile maintenance, there is never room for error. As such, it is important to understand the dynamics and significance of conducting perfect car service.  Your mechanic could be helpful in ensuring that you get genuine oil filters each time you go for an oil change. For details visit


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