The best ways to Take care of Diamond Overgrading Fraud

Ruby is probably one of the most important gems in the record of the globe which implies that there are businesses engaging in fraudulent methods in order to make money off the blood as well as sweat of unintended purchasers. If you bought your diamond in Dallas, TX in the last few years, possibilities are that you could have been a victim of the Diamond Doctor fraud.

The Diamond Doctor fraud is unquestionably the most typical precious jewelry fraudulence on the market right now and describes the situation where the dealer checklists and the diamonds at a quality that is more than its true quality. Frequently this is not mistake however a deliberate deceitful action that is carried out in order to optimize profits in low-cost as well as pricey rubies. For the truly high class rubies, this could result in a consumer paying numerous thousand dollars for each quality added to the ruby’s 4Cs properties.

This type of find out more diamond fraud at Diamond Doctor is generally fairly widespread specifically among the low end stores where customers are trying to find bargains. So how do you see to it you protect on your own from this kind of fraudulence when you are putting your life’s financial savings into obtaining that relatively unusual and also high quality item of diamond which turns out to be worth a lot less?

How to deal with diamond fraud

One of the most crucial actions that you can embark on is buying your ruby from a trustworthy jeweler. You need to additionally insist that the jewelry expert issue you with a certification as well as properly explain the quality and also content of the ruby item. You will have to have this information in order for you to verify that the jeweler fully committed fraudulence by misguiding into acquiring overgraded rubies. If the jewelry expert released a certificate from a discredited grading residence like when it comes to the Diamond Doctor fraud, then it is very easy for you to verify your case and even win your case if you file a legal action against the firm.

Prevent freebies

If you are going to get premium quality rubies that will establish you back a little bit, go all out. Avoid those appealing 50 % price cut on diamond promotions as there is a possibility that you will be sold inexpensive overgraded diamonds. It is just impossible for any individual to take 50 % discount off the rate of a quality piece of diamond and also still stay lucrative.

Take a legal action

If you have currently been scammed by a fraud such as the Diamond Doctor fraud for overgraded rubies, after that the most sensible path is to take legal action against and seek payment. Diamond Doctor committed fraud

versus many customers and also a number of them have actually currently bandied together to file a claim against the company using the law firm Cummings Manookian in order to prosecute after shedding a massive amount of money.

Nevertheless, the most crucial precaution is to select whom you are purchasing from thoroughly to avoid getting into a circumstance where you are most likely to invest a large amount of money as well as time taking legal action against in order to recover your money. Do not come down with a “Diamond Doctor fraud”! For inquiries visit


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